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High Speed Downloads with one account! was established in 2014 with a vision to give users a service which can help them overcome the download restrictions being imposed by various filehost and give high-quality online services.

Our team consist specialist from various fields of Programming, Web-Designing. We try to keep match with new demands from users. The main principle of our site is satisfying the needs of the Internet users hosting and sharing their data. Therefore, we make every effort to bring to our users the most innovative, effective and user friendly services we can.

We @ CboxEra is a service providing services gateway (Free and paid) that allows users to download files from various filehosting sites practically without limits and maintaining their privacy on the Internet. We use our own powerful servers each with a channel of at-least 1Gbps to redirect traffic from filehosting to our users.

It also allows users to download files from filehosting services which are prohibited in their country. The main advantages of our service Includes high speed data transfer, instant download, the possibility of parallel downloads, anonymity during downloading, resumption of interrupted downloads, support of download managers and no advertising (for Vip Users)..