Terms Of Service

Thanks for choosing Cboxera.com as your preferred Downloading platform. By using our site, you agree to abide by our site usage terms and conditions.

These rules are applicable instantly when you

1) Register as a user at CboxEra.com

2) Purchase Premium Subscription

These Terms and Conditions are inclusive of CboxEra.com downloading policy and operating rules which can be changed from time to time.
Please review the below mentioned points to keep your downloading experience smooth.


Each account created on Cboxera.com must be used by individual person. For reasons of quality and safety, we don't allows users to the exchange or sharing of accounts.


Neither we nor our hosting or Dedicated servers are responsible for your use of our service. Download illegal files is strictly forbidden.

No Refund policy

Once the subscription is activated we will not provide any kind of Refund, so please select your subscription accordingly. So please don't for a particular host because we can't gurantee uptime of that host.

Fair Usage & Limits Policy

Please check host status page for filesize and bandwidth limits. Please note that allowed filesize/bandwidth limits can change (increase/decrease) at any time without any notice.

Password Safety

All users must use strong passwords for there accounts. If any case your password is misused for leech we are not responsible. You can anytime change your password from your profile options.


If we find any user sharing account or leeching with cboxera account. We have all rights to permanently block the account without notice.